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Dublin, Ireland (Routers) - Further evidence of the dot-com revolution in
the world's financial markets appeared today with the unexpected
annoucement of the stock market flotation of, which describes
itself as "the world's premier supplier of collaborative web-based
information solutions to the fans of Terry Pratchett".

Chief technical officer Robert Collier, speaking to a press conference in
Dublin's Irish Financial Services Centre over a videoconferencing link,
said "L-Space has a cumulative total of around fourty years of experience
in the web-based information solutions market. Our proprietary
page-management and distribution technology, "make", has been a market
leader in the emerging field of collaborative web design since before the
Internet was invented in 1994, and with our proven distribution and
synchronisation server technology, updating of multiple sites is now easier
than ever before."

Charismatic Steve Jobs lookalike Leo Breebaart, the company's notorious
visionary driving force, added that "Our stuff is just so insanely cool
that the competition has no hope. What can I say? They're all a bunch of
losers. Mess with the bull, you get the horn, y'know? The dot-com
revolution is past it - now here's the real news, the dot-org revolution.
Hear me, Netscape? We 0wn y00."

L-Space is probably best known for its patent-pending website
load-balancing system, "DNS-CVS", which the company has been actively
working with since 1995, and which is currently being used to synchronise
web content in mission-critical markets across the globe.

Financial officer Colm Buckley reported that the company intends to float
on the London stock exchange sometime in May, with an initial public
offering of 10 million shares at an offer price around 150p. He added that
the pro-active nature of the company's extranet management solutions
enables clients to leverage their existing web investment to take full
advantage of the new information services paradigm.

Market analysts are speculating that will be in a position to
acquire British Telecom with the results of their flotation. The merger is
rumoured to be on the cards for mid-July.


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