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Paul Kidby first became visible to Discworld fans through a flyer included with the first Discworld computer game. This led to a one-day table at the first Discworld Convention, where his artwork prompted a reflex action previously unknown: see it, buy it. This is where I first saw his drawings, and I figured the young guy there was just helping the artist out by doing the selling. Then I got asked if I wanted an autographed print, said yes, and the young guy started writing on a big print of Death. If I had known that was The Guy, right there, I might have been too incoherent to manage the purchase.

Since then Paul Kidby has become increasingly well known in Discworld circles. He has produced a series of Christmas cards, several large prints, illustrations for both the Discworld Diaries and other projects, and most notably The Pratchett Portfolio.

All artwork on these pages © Paul Kidby

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