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Josh Kirby Artwork

authentic78.jpg 194Kb

This is the cover from Authentic SF March 1957, reputed to be Josh's first magazine cover.

ae_14_krozair.jpg 67Kb ae_15_secret.jpg 35Kb ae_16_savage.jpg 37Kb
ae_17_captive.jpg 33Kb ae_18_golden.jpg 35Kb ase_2_suns.jpg 35Kb
ase_3_warrior.jpg 37Kb ase_4_swordships.jpg 50Kb ase_5_prince.jpg 42Kb

The above covers are from The Dray Prescott series of books by Alan Burt Akers better known as Kenneth Bulmer.
Our thanks to for use of the scans.

duelmaster1.jpg 21Kb duelmaster2.jpg 26Kb
duelmaster3.jpg 28Kb duelmaster4.jpg 24Kb

The above covers are from the Duelmaster series of books by Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson.
Our thanks to for use of the scans.

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