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Lords and Ladies

labyrin1.jpg (11744 bytes) longman1.jpg (5794 bytes) longman2.jpg (249767 bytes)
Coin with labyrinth motif. The Long Man of Wilmington
The Long Man of Wilmington
(larger, more detail)

cerneab2.jpg (142308 bytes) spiral1.jpg (31705 bytes)
Cerne Abbas Giant (large) A rubbing of an ancient spiral carving

Equal Rites

morris-minor1.jpg (73130 bytes) morris-minor2.jpg (77864 bytes)
A nice coloured drawing of a
split windscreen Morris Minor
Another Morris Minor from an old sales brochure.

Feet of Clay

ratk1st.jpg (57996 bytes) ratking.jpg (26894 bytes)
The first known depiction of a rat king
(from 1564)

The rat king found in Rucphen in 1964
ratkknot.jpg (25582 bytes) ratkxray.jpg (42547 bytes)
A closeup of the knotted rats' tails An xray of the above rat king

Moving Pictures

seismograph.jpg (34151 bytes)
The Han Dynasty seismograph that
Riktor the Tinkerer's resograph is based on.

Wyrd Sisters

tabl1.jpg (56312 bytes) tabl2.jpg (824981 bytes)
Title page of Pierre de Lancre's
"Tableau d'Inconstance"
and a larger version.

The Wee Free Men

fairy-fellers-masterstroke.jpg (477 Kb)

Fairy-Feller's Master-Stroke
Painted for G. H. Hayden, Esqr by Richard Dadd during a nine year period from 1855 - 1864. Although unfinished, it should be noted that the original oil painting is only 54cm by 39.4cm.


cavewal1.jpg (25476 bytes)

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