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L-Space Web, being slighly less convoluted and multi-dimensional than L-Space proper, doesn't quite run itself. Instead, it is the work of many volunteers, who contribute time, effort, ideas and a multitude of skills. And as it seems there are always more ideas than hands (and minds) to shape 'em, we are constantly on the lookout for new volunteers to join our merry band.

Sometimes, this is to create a whole new section of L-Space Web. Sometimes, because people no longer have enough time, entire sections of L-Space Web become available for new blood to come in and take over. But, more often than not, current section/page maintainers find they have little 'jobs' they would like people to take off their hands, even if those volunteers aren't technically minded...

We have compiled a list of current sections and pages where the maintainer needs assistance, or where the maintainer would like to pass it over to someone new. We also have some, non-section-related, "job vacancies" that require specific skills and/or access to particular software etc.

Section/Page Vacancies

Section or Page

Task List


New Timelines



[R] Discussions/Critiques

New Section : Editor/Compiler


General Vacancies




Link Scouts
Can you help find related web sites, or online resources, that L-Space Web currently doesn't list?
Screen reader users
(JAWS or similar)
Needed to provide feedback regarding L-Space web pages in specialised browsers

Finally, if you have spotted a "gap" on L-Space Web that you would like to suggest, or even provide for, then please contact as we always welcome new ideas and suggestions.

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