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ABP CMSG to alt.config

This is the original cmsg forwarded to alt.config that resulted in the creation alt.books.pratchett.

This was posted on the 8th of March 1996.

Newsgroups: control,alt.books.pratchett,alt.books.pratchett.ctl
From: Orin Thomas <>
Followup-To: poster
Subject: cmsg newgroup alt.books.pratchett
Control: newgroup alt.books.pratchett
Organization: Unseen Univeristy, Melbourne Campus

For your newsgroups file:
alt.books.pratchett	Discussions of Terry Pratchett's books and characters

NAME:  alt.books.pratchett
       (Discussions of Terry Pratchett's books and characters)


	To discuss the works of author Terry Pratchett in a quieter
	more constructive and more "relevant" environment to that of
	the high traffic newsgroup The alt.books
	hierachy would appear to be the perfect place for this


	Much discussion had already ensued on so
	little was mentioned once the proposal was forwarded to

	The alt.config comment was to the effect that it might be
	advisable to try for the newsgroup rec.arts.books.pratchett
	This suggestion has presently been rejected as we feel that
	genuine alt groups do tend to be propogated as well as their
	big 7 brothers/sisters.

STATUS:  Unmoderated


  Terry Pratchett is a best selling British author considered by some to be
  one of the best humorous writers of our time. With an estimated 10 million
  copies of his books in print (a further 750,000 appearing each year) he has
  a very large following.

  Alt.books.pratchett will have a different focus to the group which concentrates more on fan activity and socialisation.
  alt.books.pratchett will concentrate on the works of Pratchett and the
  Discworld itself. The difference between the two would be similar to
  that between rec.arts.books.tolkien and That is why we
  consider the alt.books hierachy to be appropriate.


  Surveys of indicate a large reader/poster base for
  this group. The results of these surveys may be viewed via world wide
  web browser at

  To deal with the problems encountered by a detailed
  set of posting guidelines has also been drawn up from
  readers suggestions.

  These can be viewed over the world wide web at

Orin Thomas

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