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now available via email

There's now an mailing list available for those who have problems getting afpannounces via Usenet. Yes, you can now read your favourite newsgroup via mail..

Subscription Instructions

The list is using Smartlist, which cunningly doesn't quite behave in the same way as most listservs.

To subscribe:
Send a message to with "subscribe" in the SUBJECT LINE, not in the message body.

To unsubscribe:
Send a message to with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

As I mentioned above, if you can read afpa via news then please do so, but if you have problems with news (or can't read news at all) then that's what the list's for. That said, anybody who's having problems reading afpa via usenet won't be reading this... (though this is the webbed version, so the above statement is now untrue).

Any problems or comments, talk to Mr. Mark Lowes, Esq., in his incarnation as

This section of L-Space is no longer actively being maintained. It is only kept online for historical purposes.

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