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IE-meets mailing list

The ie-meets mailing list exists for the express purpose of discussing 
meets in Ireland. Everyone who is interested in attending Irish meets is 
encouraged to subscribe, whether they are local or intend visiting the Fair 
Isle at any point.

This should be a rather low traffic mailing list, intended for announcing 
and/or organising AFP meets, signings and other activities (such as 
collective transportation to Conventions or Clarecraft events). It is not 
meant for discussion of Mr. Pratchett or his works.

To join the list, send a blank email to <> with 
the word "subscribe" in the Subject: field. The address to email the list 
is then <> and the admin address is 
Alternatively, click here

The Afpmeets section of L-Space is maintained by Patrick, Mark and Laurabelle,
who always welcome questions, corrections, and updates.

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