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DWCon '96 Pictures

These are some of the 'better' pictures that I (Robert Collier) took at the convention.

All pictures are 512x768 24bit Jpegs of between 38 and 68k, the pictures total about 3.6 meg for the lot.

[thumbnail] rrc-01-cilla-obrien.jpg
: Emmmet O'Brien in drag as Cilla Black for the afp-blind date. Sitting on the bar in the 'Lancre Forge'.

[thumbnail] rrc-02-cilla-and-tap.jpg
: Emmet sitting on tap's lap during afp blind date.

[thumbnail] rrc-03-cilla-and-colm.jpg
: Colm is completely relaxed despite 'Cilla' standing next to him.

[thumbnail] rrc-04-leo-under-table.jpg
: An unusual shot of Leo as he slides under a table.

[thumbnail] rrc-05-susan-cooper.jpg
: Susan Cooper at the afparty.

[thumbnail] rrc-06-hamster-at-play.jpg
: Mark Lowes taking time off from running programme to join the party for a while.

[thumbnail] rrc-07-terry-reading.jpg
: Terry reading extracts from Hogfather and Jingo.

[thumbnail] rrc-08-relaxed-afparty.jpg
: Sparks collapses on the floor, Carrol on a chair, Colm is playing with his psion and David Zeraschi just looks on.

[thumbnail] rrc-09-charity-auction.jpg
: Bernard auctions off the goods while Paul runs around holding things.

[thumbnail] rrc-10-the-cabal.jpg
: The Cabal UUchalenge team about to lose honourably in the first round. Left to right, Robert Collier, Leo Breebaart, Colm Buckley and Mike Knell.

[thumbnail] rrc-11-mark-and-sparks.jpg
: Mark Lowes and Sparks walk around the hotel in a boxershorts only three legged race for charity.

[thumbnail] rrc-12-mark-and-sparks-computing.jpg
: For some reason they ended up in the HEX room.

[thumbnail] rrc-13-the-man-in-the-hat.jpg
: It's that man - wossisname... tip of my tounge, begins with a T...

[thumbnail] rrc-14-darrell-frugal-claire-bjorn.jpg
: Afp goes to the gala dinner. Left to right: Darrell, Frugal, Claire and Bjorn.

[thumbnail] rrc-15-lee-tap-rob.jpg
: Some shady characters seen at dinner. From left to right, Lee who kept muttering something about X's, tap and Rob.

[thumbnail] rrc-16-angela.jpg
: Angela letting people into the dinner.

[thumbnail] rrc-17-colette-colm-joann.jpg
: Colm with some of AFP's lovely ladies. Left to right: Colette Reap, Colm Buckley and the absolutely stunning Mysterious Masked Woman, mistaken by some for Joann Dominik, who left a trail of people with their jaws on the floor behind her all evening.

[thumbnail] rrc-18-cufflinks.jpg
: Colette helps Colm with his cufflinks :)

[thumbnail] rrc-19-rude-balloons.jpg
: When the balloon sculpter(?) asked what he should make for this crowd of reprobates they replied 'something rude'.

[thumbnail] rrc-20-what-is-darrell-wearing.jpg
: Darrell and his amazing headgear...

[thumbnail] rrc-21-greebo.jpg
: Terry gives a maskerade prize to 'Greebo', and gets away with patting him on the head.

[thumbnail] rrc-22-bill-door.jpg
: Bill Door steps up to collect first prize in the maskerade. (and my film finished 2/3rds of the way down).

[thumbnail] rrc-23-paul-speaking.jpg
: Paul speaking to the assembled masses whilst terry takes a break. Also to be seen are sbriggs (looking away) and Ginny Briggs (next to Terry).

[thumbnail] rrc-24-rob-terry.jpg
: YHN waiting for an opportunity to get Terry to sign my copy of the APF-7a.0

[thumbnail] rrc-25-some-afpers.jpg
: Random photo of afpers, left to right: Emmet's brother, Mike Knell, the aforementioned Masked Woman, Bjorn, Colm and Colette.

[thumbnail] rrc-26-karen-the-vvixen.jpg
: Karen (the vodka vixen) on her way to Cassanunda's Good Sex Guide.

[thumbnail] rrc-27-afp-bouncy-castle.jpg
: many afpers on the bouncy castle after dinner.

rrc-28-striptease-01.jpg through rrc-39-striptease-12.jpg: Mark, Sparks and Paul stripping down to their boxers on the bouncy castle to raise money for charity.

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[thumbnail] rrc-40-afp-in-bar.jpg
: afp in the bar, sorry, I've forgotten some names here, Bjorn and Mark in the middle, Leo and Mike Knell to the side.

[thumbnail] rrc-41-hmmm.jpg
: Don't ask.

[thumbnail] rrc-42-ppint-was-here.jpg
: ppint.'s infamous coloured bottles of clear alcoholic liquid. From left to right: fruity vodka, garlic vodka and peppar vodka.

[thumbnail] rrc-43-joann-and-her-money.jpg
: Joann with a 20UKP note attatched to here glasses - possibly placed there by ppint.

[thumbnail] rrc-44-and-bk-crowns-were-worn.jpg
: Left to right: Ftony, Claire, (someone hiding behind Leo), Leo, Joann, (someone who's name I've forgotten), JJ, Frugal and YHN Rob.

[thumbnail] rrc-45-spot-the-psion.jpg
: Colm, Alan and Mike on the "Do world elephants get friction burns" panel. A very afp panel as can be seen be the row of Psion organisers :)

[thumbnail] rrc-46-uuchallenge-final.jpg
: Terry prepares to chair the final of the UU challenge.

[thumbnail] rrc-47-claire-relaxes.jpg
: The excitement is just to much for our favourite BOFH, Mashton(?) in the foreground.

[thumbnail] rrc-48-who-is-that-man.jpg
: It's him again, that Terry bloke. This time he's in a BK crown, his prize for being on the winning team in the clebraty challenge bonus round :)

[thumbnail] rrc-49-custard-starts-to-happen.jpg
: Keen volunteers beging to fill the custard-pool, under Carol's expert supervision.

[thumbnail] rrc-50-hodgesaargh.jpg
: Dave Hodges, the real Hodgessaargh, in the HEX room.

[thumbnail] rrc-51-custard-is-prepared.jpg
: How much fun *can* you have with a carton of custard?

[thumbnail] rrc-52-some-moderate-custard.jpg
: Mike Knell mixes some of the powdered custard.

[thumbnail] rrc-53-lots-of-custard.jpg
: Yep, thats a lot of custard.

[thumbnail] rrc-54-wipe-clean-woman.jpg
: Carrol in here PVC catsuit, 'So I can just wipe clean if I get splashed' she claims...

[thumbnail] rrc-55-custard-2-minutes.jpg
: 2 minutes before custard and there is now no escape for Paul...

[thumbnail] rrc-56-custard-and-terry-1.jpg
: Terry attempts to bring order to the situation.

[thumbnail] rrc-57-custard-and-terry-2.jpg
: Terry explaining just *why* we have to throw Paul into the custard.

[thumbnail] rrc-58-holy-sock-remover.jpg
: Darrell, the 'holy sock remover' at work.

[thumbnail] rrc-59-custard-10-seconds.jpg
: Paul contemplates his fate...

[thumbnail] rrc-60-how-warm-is-it.jpg
: Paul dips in a toe to feel the temperature :)

[thumbnail] rrc-61-please-let-me-out.jpg
: Paul begs for mercy (ha - fat chance).

[thumbnail] rrc-62-custard-happens.jpg
: Paul rubs the custard into his crevices.

[thumbnail] rrc-63-i-allways-wanted-to-do-this.jpg
: Paul accepts his fate and attempts to look on the bright (yellow) side.

[thumbnail] rrc-64-oh-no-not-more-custard.jpg
: It's not over yet, have a second helping paul...

[thumbnail] rrc-65-and-for-my-next-trick.jpg
: Paul wipes off the worst of the custard and contemplates the future.

[thumbnail] rrc-66-see-you-in-98.jpg
: and decides that he wants to do it again in 2 years time.

[thumbnail] rrc-67-afp-group-photo-1.jpg
: AFP group photo #1

[thumbnail] rrc-68-afp-group-photo-2.jpg
: AFP group photo #2

[thumbnail] rrc-69-afp-group-photo-3.jpg
: AFP group photo #3, the best of the three.

[thumbnail] rrc-70-damerell-sees-red.jpg
: Nice eyes David.

[thumbnail] rrc-71-ginny-sbriggs-pterry.jpg
: The guests at the table for the final signing session.

[thumbnail] rrc-72-colm-joann.jpg
: Colm and Joann after the convention officialy ends, in the group of afpers near the door.

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