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Lords & Ladies

An Almost No Budget Amateur Production

Publicity poster for the film showing a montage of characters

Having already completed a small move entitled "Wyrd Sisters - Night of the Kings" in 2001, this small team from Southern Germany began filming "Lords & Ladies" in March 2004. More than 60 actors have been involved, including David "Hodgesaargh" Hodges. Most of actors were live action role players - which meant that costumes weren't a major problem.

The script is said to be faithful to the book most of the time but the film does contain scenes from Carpe Jugulum and Wee Free Men as well as references to Witches Abroad and The Fifth Elephant.

There has, however, been one major change - the character of the Elven King has been removed, reportedly for reasons of dramaturgy, understanding, shortness, and taste.

The cast and crew can only hope that Terry Pratchett and fans of Discworld will understand this decision.

The first half of the Lords & Ladies film was shown at Wadfest 2004. The final film will be premiered, on screen, at Wyrdfest 2005 and will receive its UK premiere at Wadfest. However, a DVD will be available from May 2005.

Please visit the Lords & Ladies web site for further details.

As of March 2005, the film still need songs for the soundtrack. If you think you can help, please contact the crew via the Lords & Ladies web site.

All profits from the film will be donated to the Orang Utan Foundation.

All photos © Almost No Budget Amateur Productions.

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