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Australia April 1993

From: Terry Pratchett
Subject: Re: Oz Itinery
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1993

It says on this fax here that I'm doing a signing at Sydney Uni Co-Op bookshop at 6pm on April 20. I'm doing some stuff at schools (on account of being there as a children's writer too) but dunno where.

Just to update: this isn't really a signing tour. It's just that I'm guest at Suncon, so I'm taking my family with me to see something of Oz -- and then Corgi got to hear of it and, mad fool me, I agreed to give up our few days on the east coast to a kind of concentrated tour -- Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Wollonong (or whatever it's called). No Brisbane this time, which is a bottomer; I went there in 1990 and liked it. Went to Toowoomba, which was great. BUT THIS AIN'T A DYED-IN-THE-WOOL TOUR, it's just a case of dropping in (to buy some shirts -- they definitely do good shirts in Melbourne...:-)

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