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UK May 1998

An additional post by Terry Pratchett to clarify the Desert Island Discs Castaway Dinner

I've been getting emails about this, so I'll get into trouble is this isn't mentioned here. I don't know how widely it's been advertised.

Yes, as a former Desert Island Discs castaway (non-UK readers switch off here, it's a Brit thing) I'll be at the Dinner at the Cafe Royal on May 7, along with other castaways including Lord Lloyd Webber, Douglas Adams, Anita Roddick, Terry Waite, Honor Blackman and a huge list of others (a fairly crowded island) plus more or less anyone else who can pay 120 quid to join in. I'd better add quickly that this is because it's ulitmately a charity fund raising event, a lot of the cash going to the Royal London Society for the Blind's children's centre in Sevenoaks. Castaways will 'host' tables, but as far as I can see there's general mingling time too, for anyone fancying a mingle.

Contact number for tickets on the info I've got is the RLSB on 01732 592523.

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