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Board Games


at last - a Board Game that is unique to Discworld.


Card Games

The Fat Pack Playing Card Company

This company sells 8-suited decks of playing cards very suitale for playing Cripple Mr Onion.

CD-ROM games

The "Discworld" CD-ROM games by Perfect Entertainment/Psygnosis.

  1. "Discworld". Orginally available for PC, Macintosh, Sony Playstation and Saturn.
  2. "Discworld 2: Missing, presumed...?" (UK) or "Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes" (US). Originally available for PC and Sony Playstation
    And, no, we don't know why there were two different names either!
  3. "Discworld Noir"

These are now several years old, and at this time we have no details of any stockists.

For more information on these games (including the walkthroughs) consult the game FAQ or the games pages on L-Space Web.

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