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This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions (otherwise known as questions you should have asked but haven't thought of yet) for the AFPDip mailing list.
Maintained-by: Murky B
Date-Created: 6th May 1997
Last-modified: 9th May 2002


  1. Introduction to AFPDip
    1. What is afpdip?
    2. What is Diplomacy, then?
    3. What was the exact thread in afp?
    4. Do I have to read AFP?
    5. How do I subscribe?
    6. Will spammers be able to get my address?
    7. How do I unsubscribe?
    8. Are there any other lists?
    9. Who manages the lists?
    10. What are the two lists for?
    11. What else is there?

  2. Use and Abuse
    1. What's acceptable?

  1. Introduction to AFPDip
    1. What is afpdip?

      The AFP Diplomacy game was the result of a simple throwaway line in AFP. Nobody can seem to remember exactly what it was, but that's not the point. The upshot was that the AFP Diplomacy game was inaugurated. At first it was just a mailing list of interested parties - then the games started and it's blossomed. Before the first move of the first game we already had underground subversive newspapers via Anonymous Remailers, Birthday parties for the daughter of the Turkish Sultan, and France denying reports of an imminent attack on Germany.

      AFPDip, in a nutshell, is Diplomacy for afp'ers (denizens of, and by extension atm-d'ers. These lists have their own characters, as such it is your job to fit in with us NOT the other way around. A basic level of cluefulness will be expected, a lot of information has been readily supplied on the webpages. Please make use of it.

    2. What is Diplomacy, then?

      Diplomacy is a game played with seven players based on a map of Europe. There is no chance element, and like chess one battles to achieve the upper hand against the other players. Unlike chess all players make their moves at the same time, and one cannot win without forming (and destroying!) alliances. This is not a game for nice guys!

      You should be able to find Diplomacy in any good toy shop.

    3. What was the exact thread in afp?

      The details were once a little fuzzy, the first indication we had of the beginning of afpdip for a long while was in a footnote to a post made by John Fouhy

      On 31 May 1996 20:23:13 +1200 in, John Fouhy
      >[2] Everything I know about geography, I learnt playing Empire,
      >Diplomacy, and Risk.
      Piers Forrest commented: "The thread came up again about 4 to 6 weeks later. Then the embers burst into flame when you {Murky B} stuck your oar in (I hope you like your metaphors shaken, not stirred)."

      However, in the summer of 1998 I took it upon myself to do some digging, and came up with some original posts. These are reproduced on this website.

    4. Do I have to read (or atm-d)

      No. You do not need to read AFP to be in afpdip. However, you should be aware that you will need an afp type mind.... If it's JUST diplomacy that you want then there are other mailing lists out there, many have more games at a given time than afpdip. There are also PBEM judges, where you can get a game at any time. For more information, please search the web. I know that I have said this already, but the only problems we have had on the lists are where people have bumbled in without realising this - some were educated, some left. To date, nobody has been shown the door.

    5. How do I subscribe?

      You could send an email to with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject. No more, no less. Your email MUST have valid headers, no spam traps.

      If you like life a little easier, just go to [] - though read the rest of this FAQ first. You can also use this link to change the way you see the list (if you forget your password you can have it emailed to you!)

    6. Will spammers be able to get my address?

      Unlikely. If a spammer was prepared to work that hard, they'd get a proper job instead. We will not give your address to anyone.

    7. How do I unsubscribe?

      To make the unsub easy for yourself, go to [] or you could send an email to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject. No more, no less. Your email MUST come from the same address with which you subscribed - otherwise the software will think you are not on the list! This is only a problem if you have multiple addresses.

      I *will* help people unsubscribe if for example, the software is playing up. However, there have been cases of stupidity and rudeness. These people get to sink or swim.... In other words,you should be able to unsub yourself - instructions are automatically attached to every email. If you have followed the instructions without success ask for help.

    8. Are there any other lists?

      Yes, afpdip-announce. The sub and unsub details are the same as for afpdip, except that the address is to subscribe is as follows:

      The link to use is [].

    9. Who manages the lists?

      The lists are hosted by the lspace cabal, to whom we owe our thanks (even though they don't exist). The list manager is Murky B. Your subscription to afpdip is a privilege, not a right - in other words we reserve the right to suspend a subscriber - or even exclude a subscriber. See elsewhere in the FAQ for details.

    10. What are the lists for?

      afpdip@ is for general dip discussion, propaganda, meet organising and "chat".

      afpdip-announce@ is solely for announcements, e.g. game start messages, results, meet details, the birthweight of offspring, that sort off thing. All followups to announce messages should be in afpdip only.

      Only messages relating to the lists and an initial 'game forming' message should go to both lists.

      Please lurk a little when you join the lists. It makes life a lot easier for all concerned.

    11. What else is there?

      There is a website which serves this list.

      It is at /games/afpdip

      There is also an IRC channel on the Lspace IRC server. IRC meets are usually arranged in advance. The channel is called #afpdip.

  2. Use and Abuse
    1. What's acceptable?

      The final arbiter is that afpdip itself will soon tell you if what you're doing is not acceptable. If the consensus is that something is "not on" then it is "not on".

      It will be expected that a basic level of cluefulness is exhibited. Information regarding afpdip is in plentiful supply so please make use of this information before taking a question to the list. Though the list will gladly help with a wide variety of problems, there is a limit to tolerance! (NB: you will often receive an answer in the form of a URL, this is more effective in the long run since the URL will often give more detail than could be put into an email).

      • General guide to
      • Whilst "banter" is generally okay, it becomes very easy for this to go too far. For each email ask yourself "should this message be going to the list or over email?"
      • Just because you may know someone really well does not mean that public insults are okay. The other 99% of the list do not know, or care about your private jokes.
      • In short, personal insults are not on - even if wholly in jest.
      • A series of one line followups will tend to annoy.
      • Questions for which the answers are readily available in the afpdip resources may attract pointed emails. You have been warned.

      Remember, people will judge you by your words. If you come across badly you'll be painting a big target on your back for your next game - who wants to ally with an idiot?

      In serious cases unacceptable behaviour could result in your subscription being revoked. When taking this action a second opinion may be sought if a case is anything other than 'clear cut' - this is to avoid the possibility being seen to be abusing an advantageous position.

      In short it is a privilege to be able to use lspace - don't abuse this! Also remember, TINAD - This Is Not A Democracy. If someone responsible for the list asks you to stop doing something, then stop. In practice that means me, the other list admins, and anyone from the lspace cabal.

Murky B
Starting afpdip
Creating the first draft of the FAQ - 6th May 1997
FAQ Maintainer, 6th May 1997 - 7th May 2002
Piers Forrest
Providing information regarding the genesis of afpdip in a post by John Fouhy.
Alexander Kamilewicz
Pedanting over the Phraseology in the FAQ.
Leo Breebaart and Mark Lowes
Providing a home for the mailing list on Lspace. Thank you.

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